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Rahath Begum


35 years ago Rahath Begum joined AVAS with enthusiasm and passion to work for underprivileged communities and slum dwellers. That was the time of demolitions of slums in the name of beautification  of the city side of Bengaluru, and slum dwellers were deprived of all  legal rights.  She worked and organized slum communities and participated in large number of struggles to achieve the rights of the slum dwellers. Her interest has been to work for the  integrated development   of the urban, peri urban and rural  poor communities. She has worked for housing projects and land ownership documents for Wahab garden, Vyalikaval, MRS palya, SK Garden and Bhandhavyanagar in Bangalore urban, which are unique and sustainable models that are replicated by the government. She also formed CBO’s  and EEG groups with youth and  women to empower them through leadership .


She worked in rural areas for kandawara slum housing project and Bandehalli toilet projects. And peri urban areas of Madappanahalli and Meenkunte for  infrastructure development under PURA Scheme. She also organized training programs for women, youth and CBO’s, created awareness in them and  empowered them. She organized  vocational skill training and  career guidance workshops for   women and adolescent girls of slums and villages. She also organized domestic workers and  fought for their rights of workers in and around  the slums of this city..



Glory joined AVAS as a health coordinator in 1985. she took training in urban areas observing status of women and health . After observation in the communities  she gained knowledge and learnt about the difficulties and problems faced amongst women, youth and children on health. She then started conducting health camps, workshops and referral cases in all areas. Many serious  health cases have been treated and lives saved with the support of AVAS and DRRT.


She worked in communities  and motivated the CBO’s, women  and youth  to fight for land and shelter rights. She fought and won the legal cases and  helped people get a secured and dignified living in a better and peaceful environment.


She also  participated in struggles in other movements and She also worked with unorganized sector of labour like domestic workers and construction workers .


Having gained knowledge and strength after working for 35 years in AVAS  she is happy to continue her struggles for the betterment of the lives of the poor.

Gretta Andrews


Gretta joined AVAS in 1994 . She began work in the Hosakerehalli slum, helping them to fight for their rights to access minimum basic necessities. Soon she recognized that there were larger issues such as tackling the land and shelter rights and her perseverance and determination dealing with the issue helped 127 families get what are today amongst the best homes in insitu slum rehousing. She also involved in other housing projects at Sanyasikunte 1 and 2 slums for 410 families, and worked hard to resolve the issues of land documentation.


She is now helping co-ordinate the Jeevanotsava teams and promote the spirit of leadership through the DRIK CEF program. Amenable and hardworking people in her communities are appreciative of her support to them. She is a sincere and service minded worker for the past 27 years to date in AVAS.

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